SharePoint Learning Kit 1.7 Beta Released

14 November, 2013

SharePoint Learning Kit 1.7 Beta Released

I’ve now released SharePoint Learning Kit 1.7 beta release. There’s lots of changes, but the biggest, and most anticipated one is support for SharePoint 2013. This release support SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013, for both the free and server versions.

You can download from CodePlex.

Assuming no show stopper bugs, I’ll be converting to a stable release early in December. 

The main changes are:

Support for SharePoint 2013 
Many bug fixes 
Web Part to play resources directly 
Quick Assign – Allow upload resource as part of creating assignment 
Allow use of multi-lingual interface 
Localization of queries 
Welsh translation and new localization build process 
Instructors have read access to non-elearning assignment documents before submission 
Pluggable architecture for Domain Group Enumerator (for programmers extending SLK)
SLK Members web part 
Support for claims based authentication for observer and drop box 
Office Web Apps support 
Self assign web part 
Tool tip on learner on assignment properties page 
Site column in ALWP is clickable link 
Setting option to automatically version document libraries 
Add delegate controls to application pages 
SLK stsadm commands instead of slkadm
Configure at web application level as well as site collection

I’ll try to blog some more information on each of these as time allows.

In addition it’s got the functionality of 1.6 in, which never made it out of beta.

Better handling of not quite fully compliant SCORM content 
Textual grading as well as numeric (optional) e.g. ABC type grades 
Quick assignment type. That is assignments not based on a document. This should make it much easier to use for a homework diary, especially if the assignment is along the lines of “Read chapters 1 & 2 of book y.” 
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