Free Utilities

We’ve produced a number of free utilities to aid you in your job as a network administrator.

SIMS Photo Exporter

A utility to export pupils or staff photos from SIMS into a folder, either the entire cohort or a subset. You can then use them to export into other systems, such as Active Directory. There’s a number of options to control where the photos are saved and the names of the files.

For more information please see the SIMS Photo Exporter page

Salamander School Data Sync

Salamander School Data Sync (SDS) is a free utility designed to mirror data from a schools MIS/SIS system into Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. It allows the provisioning of teacher & student accounts as well as online classrooms and enables Microsoft Intune for Education.

For more information please see the Salamander School Data Sync Pages

SIMS Report List

A utility to export details of all reports in SIMS into a csv file.

Usage instructions are in the README.txt file in the download, or by running:
SimsReportList.exe /?

Download Here.

Check Email Address Formats

This utility will iterate through an input file and check the validity of email addresses. Each line of the input file must be of the format identifier,email address. The identifier is used in the output message, and the value of the email is checked.

Example input file

002347,do not email

The utility will pick up the 3rd line as an invalid email address and output

POSSIBLY INVALID:002347:do not email

Internally it uses a regular expression to check the email. This is not perfect and will give false positives when compared to RFC 2822, but it is good enough for most purposes.

The regular expression used is:


Usage instructions are in the README.txt file in the download, or by running:
CheckEmails.exe /?

Download Here.

For more information on any of these utilities, please email

All free utilities are provided without any guarantees, warranty or support. Use of any of the utilities is entirely at your own risk and you take full responsibility for any copyright or data protection issues.

All the utilities are copyright SalamanderSoft and may not be hosted elsewhere. Please refer people to this site if they are interested in using them.