SLK stsadm commands Added in 1.7

24 April, 2012

SLK stsadm commands Added in 1.7

In SLK 1.7 I have deprecated slkadm by adding equivalent stsadm commands. These work in the same way, but have the advantage of not needing a separate executable distributed.

As SLK runs on 2007 & 2010, I’ve so far been trying to keep the codebase the same for both versions which is why I haven’t added any PowerShell commands. I expect that I’ll change this in the next couple of versions.

The commands allow you to configure and list site collections and consist of:


This command allows you to configure, or re-configure a site collections’s SLK mapping. It allows you to set up the SLK database, the permissions used and the slksettings file.

stsadm -o slk-configure


[-databaseserver ]

[-databasename ]


[-instructorpermission ]

[-learnerpermission ]


[-uploadslksettings | -defaultslksettings]


* By default, integrated authentication is used to connect to the database. To use a SQL Server user ID and password instead, append the appropriate connection string information to the database server name — for example, instead of “MyServer”, use

“MyServer;user id=myacct;password=mypassword”.

For security reasons, integrated authentication is strongly recommended.

Only one of -uploadslksettings and -defaultslksettings can be used

-application must be used when configuring a web application rather than a site collection



This command allows you to delete an SLK mapping for a site collection or web application.

stsadm -o slk-deletemapping


Not that you must use the site collection ID. The easiest way to get this would be by slk-enummapping.


This command lists of the SLK mappings in the local farm.

stsadm -o slk-enummappings

An example output is:

http://laptop01 (1c8288b8-ec84-4912-bc55-3569e7626b3a) –> Server=LAPTOP01;Database=slktest

http://laptop01/sites/gsdt (1eb7c24c-e7cf-4dea-9c3d-c49c7478f359) –> Server=LAPTOP01;Database=slktest

http://laptop01/sites/slk (25ac1434-a59c-4c78-8cf3-d343f0c79e92) –> Server=LAPTOP01;Database=SharePointLearningKit

http://laptop01/sites/gdst (e0ee8d39-7076-4d30-bc8f-601850f49ac7) –> Server=LAPTOP01;Database=SharePointLearningKit2

In this output the first line describes a mapping for a web application, while the other 3 are for individual site collections.


This command returns the details of a mapping for a site collection or a web application.

stsadm -o slk-getconfiguration



Returns the configuration for a site or web application.

Use either url or guid.

An example output is:

Database server: LAPTOP01

Database name: SharePointLearningKit

Create Database : False

Instructor Permission: SLK Instructor

Learner Permission: SLK Learner

Create Permissions: False

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