Markdown link syntax supported in SharePoint Learning Kit assignment descriptions

17 April, 2015 · less than a minute to read

Markdown link syntax supported in SharePoint Learning Kit assignment descriptions

Following on from enabling links in an assignment’s description in SLK, we had a request to turn urls to OneNote pages more readable. A typical link to a OneNote page is{e2ea84dc-5bef-4d1d-9788-35f30cc8f4c5}&action=edit&

which is really not very pretty. This links to a page 1.8, in section SLK in the Shared Notebook OneNote on SharePoint 2013.

To resolve this I’ve added support for manually adding a title for the link, to hide the link details from view. To use this I’ve used Markdown syntax which is of the form

[link text](url)


[Shared Notebook/SLK/1.8]({e2ea84dc-5bef-4d1d-9788-35f30cc8f4c5}&action=edit&

would be output as

Shared Notebook/SLK/1.8

which is much nicer in a description. The full Markdown link syntax also includes an optional title attribute

[link text[(url “title”)

this is not supported, and neither is any other Markdown syntax.

Standard urls not in Markdown syntax will display at before, so

Update this notebook [Shared Notebook/SLK/1.8]({e2ea84dc-5bef-4d1d-9788-35f30cc8f4c5}&action=edit&

and another link

Will display as

Update this notebook Shared Notebook/SLK/1.8
and another link

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