Taking the manual processes out of managing your systems

We seamlessly connect your key IT systems with your management information system (MIS),
ensuring relevant accounts, groups and permissions are always up-to-date. You can relax at the start of the academic year, or during the year as students and teachers come and go, as all of the accounts and groups you need are automatically created. Everyone can access the resources they use as soon as they need to start learning or teaching, whether that’s Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint or Google Apps for Education. Our Salamander tools are fully customisable, use your existing users and structures as well as following your conventions.

We can connect to all UK and many overseas management systems, just ask us if yours isn’t listed on this page.

Office 365 and SharePoint as a learning platform

Whether your SharePoint is completely in Office 365, on your school premises or a mixture of both, we can transform it into a learning environment. With over 10 years of experience, there’s little we can’t automate and build directly from the data in your management system. Salamander SharePoint is fully customisable to reflect your school’s needs and automatically manages all of your classes, subject teacher and pupils in a consistent manner, unique to your school.

Key Systems

The system which controls access to your network and increasingly all the other systems in the school. User accounts, permissions, home directories and groups all created automatically with no user input required. More information…
Mailboxes set up and ready to go. Distribution groups set up and maintained for whatever groupings you want. More information…
Timetables synchronized and available on all of your users devices. Room and class timetables can also be synchronized. More information…
Use your student and staff photos with e-mail, Active Directory, Office 365,SharePoint and Google Apps for Education. More information…
Whether you are using Office 365 just for e-mail or as a core education system, using all of the above, we can set everything up to your requirements including automatically licensing your users. More information…
Whether you are using Google Apps just for email or as a core education system, using all of the above, we can set everything up to your requirements. Including automatically provisioning Google Classroom and Sites. More information…
Automatically set up SharePoint as a teaching and learning environment, so your users can concentrate on education rather than the system. More information…
Automatically set up users, courses, cohorts and groups in Moodle, so your users can just get on with teaching and learning.


There’s a whole thread dedicated to us in the Edugeek Recommended Suppliers Board. Have a look to see what people say about us and our support. SalamanderSoft – Singing Praises 🙂

MIS Support

Here’s a list of just some of the School Management Systems (MIS/SIS/SMS) we support. More are added all the time. If yours is not on the list contact us to see if we already support it, otherwise we can easily add support for it.

  • SIMS
  • iSAMS
  • Facility CMIS
  • Progresso
  • WCBS Pass/3Sys
  • Bromcom
  • SchoolBase
  • Arbor
  • REMS
  • Engage
  • Pupil Asset
  • Integris G2/S2
  • ScholarPack
  • SchoolPod
  • PowerSchool
  • Tribal
  • Edumate
  • And more