Free Salamander School Data Sync Updated with new features

8 August, 2017

Free Salamander School Data Sync Updated with new features

Since the initial release of Salamander School Data Sync (SDS) in May there have been a few requests from customers for new features. This new version adds two of those features:

Effective Date Effective Date is a process which allows the user to define the date on which the export processes run. During Holiday period’s it may be useful to set this to look at the student, teacher and class information at a particular date rather than the date of running the application.

This allows the utility to help the provisioning of SDS for new Academic Years and/or Terms before they start.

Toggle output CSV with missing details By default the utility will output, to the CSV files, the details of every user it finds in the data from the MIS. This will include those without complete details which could cause sync issues with SDS. This version now adds the ability to, optionally, remove the details for any missing students/staff.

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