Salamander School Data Sync

Salamander School Data Sync (SDS) is a free utility designed to mirror data from a schools MIS/SIS system into Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. It allows the provisioning of teacher & student accounts as well as online classrooms and enables Microsoft Intune for Education. It enables all this by building on top of Microsoft’s School Data Sync by transferring relevant data from your MIS/SIS into Microsoft’s systems. Save time for your administrators and teachers by automating the creation of your users and classes so that they are ready for your learners.

Salamander SDS supports a number of MIS vendors and allows you to easily configure the data the way you want it. Once the data is in Microsoft’s systems, then other 3rd party vendors can access it through the Microsoft programming interfaces without needed their own integrations with your MIS/SIS.e

We have been working with Microsoft on School Data Sync since they first announced it in 2015 and so have unrivalled knowledge of integrating MIS systems with it.

Salamander SDS is a standalone Windows utility which runs on a machine inside the school’s network. This ensures that no data leaves your network except that which is passed to Microsoft SDS. You can always see exactly what data is or will be transferred by looking at the generated CSV files.

Its 2 main features are:

  1. To connect the MIS/SIS system for the school to generate the CSV Files used by School Data Sync.
  2. To validate and upload the exported files to SDS, ready for use in the SDS profile.

Salamander SDS currently works with these MIS/SIS systems:

Capita SIMS

AdvLearningProgresso and Facility CMIS


Engage by Double First school MIS
Engage by DoubleFirst



RM Integris






We have experience of dealing with many different MIS/SIS systems in the UK, America, Australia and the rest of the world, so adding support for any of these is easy.
If your MIS/SIS is not listed, please contact us at and let us know what system you’d like to see supported.

Microsoft School Data Sync is a solution designed to help School IT Administrators save time by automating creation of online classrooms and users, and simplify security with a single, compliant source for user profiles and rosters that all classroom applications can use.

The data uploaded to School Data Sync can be used by Microsoft Classroom, Microsoft Intune for Education as well as other O365 Apps such as Teacher Dashboard.

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Tony Phillips of CloudDesignBox has produced a short overview of Microsoft School Data Sync for schools in the UK.


We have worked with Teacher Dashboard on a number of projects with School Data Sync and in October Microsoft released a case study related to one of these projects which for for the Microsoft Showcase school Ribblesdale High School

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Read the full case study here