Status Viewer Information

The Salamander Status Viewer utility is a small utility which is designed to support the monitoring of Salamander Integration Suite. It is stand-alone from the Salamander Integration Suite installation and no changes are needed to support its use.


The current release supports the following features. If you are missing some of these features, please contact our support team for help.

Read configuration information

The utility will display some basic information regarding the installation of Salamander Integration Suite. These options cannot be updated but can exported to be sent to support for troubleshooting purposed. 

Display license information

On loading the tool will check for licenses, looking for the valid licenses for Salamander Integration Suite, Salamander SharePoint and where applicable Sims Writeback.

If it finds a valid license it will display it and change the colour based on the following

  • Expires in 60 days or more = green
  • Expires in less than 60 days = orange
  • Expires in less than 30 days = red

If no valid license are found a message is displayed.

Update Salamander Integration Suite

On occasion an update to Salamander Integration Suite might be required to support changes to External services or to add new features. The utility will allow you to check for new versions and easily update Salamander Integration Suite if it is needed.

View Created user information

Information around the accounts created by Active Directory is stored in CSV files inside the installation folder. The utility will allow you users to quickly access and search this information. It is also possible to export this information for use elsewhere.

Monitor Logging

The utility allows users to monitor the installation of Salamander Integration Suite that it is running with. This feature will read up to 3 months of logs and allow filtering, sorting and searching of that information.

Given the size and quantity of the log files it can take a few moments for this information to load. 

Monitor Logging Status

When the application is loaded it will count the number of Errors and Fatal messages in the past 3 days’ worth of log files to help the user identify any issues. It will also identify if no logs have been found for the past 3 days to identify those sites where the application may have failed to run.

Manage Scheduled Tasks

The utility will show the scheduled tasks that relate to the Salamander Integration Suite installation on the server, including their current status, and when they last ran.

It is possible to run the tasks directly from here too.

Additionally, it will be possible to disable/enable specific workflows within a scheduled task to take deeper control of what is scheduled for the installation. This will allow for individual features to be temporarily disabled for a time if needed.

School Data Sync Management

The utility allows you to manage some elements of the School Data Sync configuration for the Salamander Integration Suite installation.

This will allow you to:

  • quickly enable/disable the scheduled uploading of data
  • access the CSV files generated to be sent to SDS for view
  • configure a list of subjects or classes to exclude from all processing for SDS*

*Note any existing exclusions will remain in place.

Remote Access

New for August 2020 is the Remote Access feature, which allows you to manage remote access to the installation directly through the status viewer.

This feature can be enabled by the support team at your request.

For more information about the remote access feature please see this page:

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