Academic Year Change Support and Advice

This page aims to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that arise from the academic year change (rollover) and the impact on your Salamander Integration Suite installation.

If you have any questions about how this could relate to your installation, or require any changes, please contact our team via
We have broken this down into a few pages to try and make this easier to review.


Details of how and when new users would usually be processed. Options for creating users early are included too.


What to expect for the processing of Leavers.


The effects of the change of Academic Year on common groups in our processing.

Teaching and Learning Resources – Google Classroom

What happens to this years’ classrooms, and when you can expect your new ones to be created. Also, advice for those who want to run your September timetable early.

Teaching and Learning Resources – Teams for Education via School Data Sync

An overview of the School Data Sync process, and what areas need manual intervention. What happens to this years’ Teams; and also advice for those who want to run your September timetable early.

Cloud Synchronisation Considerations

This section covers the effects of our processing on Cloud Synchronisation with Google Workspace and Office 365. Processes that rely on the users being in the Cloud, may be affected by this until a successful sync with the respective Cloud Sync Tool (Azure AD Connect or Google Cloud Directory Sync). This may include licensing, calendars, Google Classroom, or Teams for Education. 


Timetable processing details and guidance


Further information on areas not covered above

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