Exchange Server

Both Exchange Server on premise and Exchange Online are supported in our Integration Suite

Exchange Server is used heavily in Schools, either on premise or in Office 365. All version of Exchange Server are supported in our Integration Suite, allowing for all sites to gain access to the mailbox creation and calendar sync features

Key features

  • Create mailboxes for new users
  • In a hybrid scenario, mailboxes can be created either on premise or in the O365 instance.
  • Management of mailbox settings including
    • Address Book Policy assignment
    • OWA Policy Assignment
    • Mailbox Permissions configuration
  • Timetable Provisioning

NOTE: Some features availability may vary depending on the MIS / SIS system. Please contact us for full details

Additional information

Questions & Answers

Can you add events to a user's main calendar or does it have to go into a sub-calendar?

We can add and maintain events in both main calendars or sub-calendars. The choice is yours.

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