Utility to upgrade SLK Assignments Web Part to version 1.3.1

27 January, 2009

Utility to upgrade SLK Assignments Web Part to version 1.3.1

SharePoint Learning Kit 1.3.1 breaks backward compatibility with previous versions. Once it is installed then any pages with the Assignments web part will not be able to display them, it will show an error instead.

I’ve created a utility to swap the Assignments web part for the one in 1.3.1. You can download it from https://www.salamandersoft.co.uk/slk/upgradeSlkWebPart.zip.

It’s a simple command line application which includes the executable and source code. 

From the help within the tool (UpgradeSlkWebParts.exe /?)

This utility replaces web parts which render as errors with the SLK 1.3.1 assignment list web part.
The aim is to upgrade SLK to 1.3.1 which causes the errors on the previous assignment list web part,
and this then swaps them for the web part which comes with 1.3.1.

usage: upgradeSlkWebParts baseUrl page [optional arguments]

   baseUrl: The url of the web which is the parent of the class sites e.g. http://wss/sites/school/classes
   page:    The actual page on which the web part appears 
                e.g. it would be Pages/default.aspx for the url http://wss/sites/school/classes/Ma10A/Pages/default.aspx

   Optional Parameters:

   Parameters without values

       siteOnlyOff : If present sets Show site only to false, if not present it’s set to true
       queryControlOff : If present sets Show Query Control to false, if not present it’s set to true
       allSites :        Update all sites under the base Url. Otherwise use the maxNumber argument

   Parameters with values : use like maxNumber=7

       maxNumber :          The maximum number of subsites to update. Defaults to 2. 
                                  Use to test on a limited number of sites first.
       querySetOverride :  The Query Set Override value to use. Defaults to blank.
       index :                  The position on the page. Defaults to 0.
       controlWidth :        The width of the control. Defaults to not setting it.



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