Using PhotoExport to Export Thumbnails from

3 January, 2017

Using PhotoExport to Export Thumbnails from

I have just added an option to export thumbnails from using our free PhotoExport tool. The driver behind this was to load the photos into Active Directory for use in Outlook/Exchange 2010. For use in Outlook the photos need to go into the thumbnailPhoto attribute. The attribute’s maximum size is 100Kb, however the Exchange commandlet Import-RecipientDataProperty puts a 10Kb limit on it. In addition the recommended size for images in Outlook/Exchange is 96 x 96 pixels. So when the thumbnail option is used for PhotoExport, it first checks to see if the image size if over 10Kb and if it is, it then resizes the image so the longest side is 96 pixels. How large the image file size actually is will depend on it’s format of course. With the images from the Sims test database a 96 x 96 bmp is about 22 Kb while the same size Jpeg is only about 3Kb. As the file format required by Outlook/Exchange is Jpeg, then that works out as a good size. The switch to export thumbnails is /thumbnail, so to export thumbnail jpegs for staff the command would be PhotoExport username password outputFolder /format:jpg /thumbnail /staff Here’s a screen shot showing the difference in sizes


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