Support for Denbigh Administration

23 October, 2015

Support for Denbigh Administration


Over the summer we also added support for Denbigh Administration to our product set. This means that it is compatible with Salamander Active Directory and Salamander SharePoint.

From their website: “An intuitive interface makes navigation through a vast range of student information a painless exercise. Instantly display a student’s classes, timetables, medical details, discipline and attendance history, correspondence and contact history, sporting and extra-curricular involvement and any other related information.”

We can now integrate Denbigh Aministration with Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Office 365 and Google Apps, ensuring that your users, groups and timetables are always up to date. This means that as pupil & staff move in and out of your school, their accounts can be automatically created, security groups and distribution lists created and updated, and timetables synchronized to Exchange or Google Calendar together with a multitude of other actions.

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