SLK and large groups

26 November, 2008

SLK and large groups

A couple of the threads on the SLK forum at the moment are about using large domain groups with SLK.

In my personal opinion you should not be assigning thousands of learners to a site. SLK is designed to show all learners assigned to a site, so with that many learners, even with optimization, it’s going to be slow. Even if displaying all the users was lightning fast, from a user’s point of view it’s unusable. Hunting through 6000 learners for the ones you want to assign to is a pain, and would actually be worse and more time consuming if it was paged.

I think that you need more targeted sites for assigning work. Without a better idea of a specific organisation or SharePoint set up it’s had to suggest best practises, but here are a few ideas.

  • In a school, have a site per class/teaching group with the appropriate pupils as learners.
  • In a company, have a site per department with the departmental members as learners.
  • If you regularly give set courses, have a site per course with the SLK Learner role assigned as appropriate
  • Have a site per instructor, which they have control over. They can then give permissions to the appropriate learners.

 You will probably find if you create extra sites, they will expand to become collaboration sites as well as just sites for assigning work.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to create specific sites just to assign work. You can re-use your existing hierarchy by assigning SLK Learner and Instructor permissions on the existing sites.

Of course sometimes there are situations when you might need to assign work to a large number of users. In that case it might be useful to have an option to assign to a group without displaying the members. It would still be slow on assigning as it gets assigned to each user. This would need a change to the SLK code though and work on it seems to be stalled at the moment.


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