SLK 1.7 – Assignment List Web Part now works on iPads

12 February, 2014

SLK 1.7–Assignment List Web Part now works on iPads

I’ve just completed some work ensuring that the Assignment List Web Part works on iPads. Before the work it would only show the results pane as below.


And now it displays both panes:


There’s 2 minor differences to using it in a PC browser.

  1. You need to tap twice to change the query. This is because the first tap is taken as a hover, before the next tap is taken as a click. After the first time, all the other query links work fine. This is slightly annoying, but still usable and I haven’t found a simple way to resolve it.
  2. When there are many assignments returned by a query, e.g. Active above, then the web part expands to show them all rather than adding toolbars as on a PC browser. So on an iPad it is

Whereas on a PC it would be


This is due to how iframes are implemented in iOS. There are some complex ways around it, but at the moment I’ll leave it as is to avoid complexity and it at least works for iPads now.

This will be available in SLK 1.7.

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