Sims Learning Gateway Profile Details Web Part

21 October, 2008

Sims Learning Gateway Profile Details Web Part

I recently helped a customer install the Sims Profile Details Web Part. I actually became aware of his problem after spotting his post on Edugeek. It looked like it would be quite simple to solve and as he was an existing customer, even though I had nothing to do with his SLG I offered to help. 

From the description it looked like the web part needed a property stating the spell check page set before it could be displayed. In fact the web part errored so badly that the whole page could not display and you had to go to the web part maintenance page to remove it before you could view it again. I knocked up a quick utility to instantiate the web part, set the appropriate property and then add it to the page. It took a bit of time to get the configuration settings exactly right – at one point I had it appearing above the page title!, but when I got them right it went straight on.

One of the reasons I wanted to help out, was that the next piece of work for Salamander SharePoint is to add and maintain web parts. This was a great proof of concept for adding web parts to a page, and I’ve now got it integrated into the core product.



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