Sims and other MIS Timetables into Exchange and Office 365 Calendars

16 March, 2015

Sims and other MIS Timetables into Exchange and Office 365 Calendars

Using the timetable data from your MIS, whether it is Sims, Progresso, Facility CMIS, iSAMS or any other MIS, Salamander Active Directory can update staff and pupils’ Exchange calendars with their timetable. These calendars are updated each time Salamander runs, allowing the calendars to remain up to date with any changes to an individual’s timetable. This works with any version of Exchange both on premise in the school, or Exchange Online including Office 365.

This example is for a staff member so the subject is configured to be the name of the teaching group as a staff member will likely teach multiple classes for the same subject. For pupils it would usually be configured as the subject name as they typically only have one teaching group for each subject.



An example of an event.



Appointment Categorisation


Events can be categorised to suit your needs. Here we have events which are categorised by Subject, but this could equally be the Year of the group or the Room.



Cover Timetables

The cover timetables can also be synchronised, allowing users to easily see what cover has been assigned to them day to day.

Other Timetables


Salamander Active Directory can also synchronize other types of timetables from Sims and other MIS including:

· Sims Diary

· Room timetables

· Class timetables

· Sims Homework

· Behaviour timetable

· Exam timetable

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