SharePoint Learning Kit 1.5 Release Candidate

06 January, 2011 · 1 minute to read

SharePoint Learning Kit 1.5 Release Candidate


I have just released SharePoint Learning Kit 1.5 Release Candidate which is available from the downloads page.

The main changes are to support Claims based authentication in SharePoint 2010.

Unless any major bugs are found I will move this to the stable version on 1 Feb 2011.



Rewrite of Domain Group Enumeration Of Members

I've completely rewritten the code to pull the members from Active Directory domain groups. Both to handle claims based authentication and to increase performance. I've also handled the groups DOMAIN\Domain Users and NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users more gracefully. Groups such as BUILTIN\Administrators are now supported as well.

Users logging in via NTLM & Claims Based Authentication get all of their assignments

Previously if you had multiple authentication methods i.e. NTLM for internal access and claims based for external access, how you logged in made a difference to the assignments you saw. You should now get a consolidated view of your assignments.

Return All Button works

Bug fix. Return all button now works.

Users in OUs with forward slash in their name can be assigned to.

Bug fix. You can now assign work to users in an OU with a forward slash in it's name.

Localise Calendar Control on Assignment Properties Page

It should now pick up the first day of the week from the site properties.

SLK Configuration Page can create Permission Levels in Claims Based Authentication Site Collections

Bug fix. Before this release it failed to do so.

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