SharePoint Learning Kit 1.5 Beta 3 Released

22 October, 2010

SharePoint Learning Kit 1.5 Beta 3 Released

I’ve just uploaded SLK 1.5 Beta 3 to CodePlex at

Changes over Beta 2 are:

Removal of Microsoft.LearningComponents.Compression.MRCI.dll

This was an unmanaged code (C++) dll used for decompressing parts of Class Server content. It’s platform version (x86 or x64) was causing problems installing on the other platform.

I’ve rewritten this in managed code and merged it into Microsoft.LearningComponents.Compression.dll.

I don’t know why it was in unmanaged code originally. Presumably the original developers had the code handy from Class Server and included it as was.

Central Administration Configure SharePoint Learning Kit page sets database permissions

The configure SharePoint Learning Kit page in Central Administration wasn’t setting the database permissions correctly. It was setting the permissions to the application pool identity of central administration rather than the identity of the Web Application it was configuring for. Presumably it wasn’t a bigger problem before as people were using the same user for central admin and their web applications. Best practise is to use different identities for these, and this seems to be more prevalent now.

Error Logging

There were multiple places which errors were logged into the event log. Only one of which I’d found before and updated for SharePoint 2010. I think I’ve got them all now, and am only using one function to log errors which is compatible with SharePoint 2007 & 2010.

Configure SharePoint Learning Kit Link in Central Admin

Done some more tweaking to try to get to display more consistently. You do need to deploy to one web application before it appears. Have fixed a permissions issue and added an icon for SharePoint 2010. Basic, but better than a broken link. Needs internationalizing though. Any volunteers?

Minor bug fixes

I’ve slotted in a couple of minor bug fixes

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