Salamander Redirect Web Part

06 March, 2009 · less than a minute to read

Salamander Redirect Web Part

I've just finished writing another web part. This one is a web part which simply redirects the user to another page. There's quite a few of these around, but none of them suited the school who had the requirement. Their problem was that there were multiple domains the users could belong to - a domain per school, and the existing web parts couldn't handle this, they were only able to look in one default domain, for example to find the active directory groups they redirected based on.

Salamander Redirect Web Part redirects based on the OU the user is contained in. The list of OUs and the redirect urls are kept in a SharePoint custom list on the same site and the most specific one is used to redirect the user. For example if the following data is in the list 

ou=students,ou=users,dc=school1,dc=local    http://sharepoint/school1/students 
ou=staff,ou=users,dc=school1,dc=local          http://sharepoint/school1/staff 
ou=users,dc=school1,dc=local                       http://sharepoint/school1 

Then if the user is in ou=students,ou=users,dc=school1,dc=local they will be redirected to http://sharepoint/school1/students, but if they are in ou=support,ou=users,dc=school1,dc=local they will be redirected to http://sharepoint/school1/. 

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Richard started SalamanderSoft in 2007 after a successful career as a software developer. Wanting to start his own company and with experience in integrating school systems he set out to build the best integration system for schools and to exceed customer expectations. He starting out on his own, doing all the coding, support and sales until finally the growing number of customers meant he needed to start growing the team. He is still heavily involved in coding the core Integration Suite product.

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