Salamander Online Reporting Web Parts

15 July, 2011

Salamander Online Reporting Web Parts

I’ve finally got round to putting some information up about our Online Reporting Web Parts on our company web site. These have been available for some time, but I hadn’t found the time to write anything about them. The information on there is still very basic, but at least it’s something up, even if it’s mainly screenshots.

They are completely customisable, with many different configuration options. Especially the look and feel, which is governed by CSS which you can easily modify/replace.

They currently support Sims and Facility CMIS in both in-school and hosted situations, and we have designed them so we can easily add support for other MIS’s if there’s demand.

To whet your appetite here’s a screen shot of it in action (click on it for a larger image) or go to their page on our company web site for a bit more information.


I shall be blogging more details about them under the Online Reporting category of this blog, so check back for more details.

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