Salamander Data Viewer Web Part

22 October, 2008 · less than a minute to read

Salamander Data Viewer Web Part

The latest Salamander web part is Salamander Data Viewer. It basically allows you to run a SQL query against a database and display the results in a grid styled in a SharePoint manner. It's not dissimilar to the Data View you can add throuh SharePoint Designer, but is simpler to use and you can use parameterised queries. It's a quick and easy way to display data from your databases in SharePoint.
The current features are:

  • Grid is sortable
  • Grid supports paging
  • Can add to a page from the web part gallery rather than altering the page in SharePoint Designer
  • Can have parametrised queries. Currently supports using Active Directory attributes of the logged in user, but it's very simple to add other types such as items in the query string. I'll add more as they get requested

If anyone is interested then drop me a line and you can get a trial version. The page on the main web site is



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Written by Richard Willis

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Richard started SalamanderSoft in 2007 after a successful career as a software developer. Wanting to start his own company and with experience in integrating school systems he set out to build the best integration system for schools and to exceed customer expectations. He starting out on his own, doing all the coding, support and sales until finally the growing number of customers meant he needed to start growing the team. He is still heavily involved in coding the core Integration Suite product.

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