Salamander Active Directory supports Google Users and Groups

13 October, 2015

Salamander Active Directory supports Google Users and Groups

We’ve had support for this for a while now, but I hadn’t got round to blogging about it. Salamander Active Directory has support for creating and updating users and groups in Google Apps for Education (and Work).

We can create users and update their properties as they change in your MIS – this includes Organizational Units and photos. Typically, if you are using a local Active Directory, you would still use GADS for the user creation as that includes password directory synchronization, so that your users passwords will be the same for the local directory and for Google Apps. However, if you don’t want to use that for whatever reason we can create users with whatever password format you want – as long as it conforms to the standard required by Google.

Of course if using GADS to create users, then Salamander Active Directory will still be creating the users in Active Directory first.

Again with groups we can create them directly or just update properties which GADS cannot, such as the settings controlling who can view membership or post messages. In addition to this, Salamander Active Directory can of course maintain the group membership as users are moved into and out of it in your MIS. As for users, we can create the groups in AD which are then synchronized by GADS, or create the groups directly in Google Apps. In this case, if you don’t need the groups in AD for use locally, there’s no real advantage to create them locally and getting GADS to create them. e.g. if using them purely as distribution lists then they could be created just in Google Apps.

So, in summary, whatever your MIS – Sims, Progresso, iSAMs, Bromcom or any of the others we support, we can synchronize your users and groups with Google Apps for Education.

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