Salamander Active Directory now supports Google Classroom

30 June, 2015 · less than a minute to read

Salamander Active Directory now supports Google Classroom


Last night, Google released a preview API for Google Classroom. Today, Salamander Active Directory now supports creating and updating Google Classroom from your MIS, whether it’s Sims, Progresso, Facility CMIS, Bromcom, iSAMS, Pass/3Sys, Integris or any other of the systems we support. This will allow the automatic creation and population with students and teachers of as many of your classes you want, whether it’s the whole school, or just a sub-set.

So come the new academic year we can pre-populate all your classes for the year, and archive your old ones – or whatever else you want.

Previously we supported creating and updating Google groups so that they could be used to manually create Google Classroom classes, but now with the release of the API we can take it a step further and fully automate their creation, and keep the rosters up to date and students and teachers move classes.

If you are an existing customer, then please contact support to get it set up, otherwise please email if you would like to find out more information. Whatever your MIS/SIS/SMS there’s a good chance we already support it, otherwise we would be happy to add support for it.

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Written by Richard Willis

Founder / Chairman

Richard started SalamanderSoft in 2007 after a successful career as a software developer. Wanting to start his own company and with experience in integrating school systems he set out to build the best integration system for schools and to exceed customer expectations. He starting out on his own, doing all the coding, support and sales until finally the growing number of customers meant he needed to start growing the team. He is still heavily involved in coding the core Integration Suite product.

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