Salamander Active Directory now support Administrative Units in Azure Active Directory

16 March, 2016 · less than a minute to read

Salamander Active Directory now support Administrative Units in Azure Active Directory

Salamander Active Directory now supports creating, updating and maintaining the membership of administrative units in Azure Active Directory.

Administrative Units are a new type of Azure Active Directory containser of resources that can be used for delegating administrative permission over subsets of users and applying policies to a subset of users. They allow central administrators to delegate permissions to other administrators or to set policy at a granular level.

For more details on what they are and how they can be used, here are some links:

They are really a feature of Azure AD Premium, but are also heavily used by Microsoft’s School Data Sync (SDS). Typically in a school environment they will only be used by SDS, but now if you need it, Salamander Active Directory has the ability to keep them populated with your users as they move into, through and out of your school/institution.

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