Salamander Active Directory can now bulk provision OneDrives

07 January, 2015 · less than a minute to read

Salamander Active Directory can now bulk provision OneDrives

We have now added the ability to bulk provision OneDrives to Salamander Active Directory.


Office 365 doesn’t automatically provision a user’s OneDrive when they are created, instead they are created on the fly when a user first tries to access it. Salamander Active Directory can now provision them in advance so they are ready and waiting for your users.

Not only does this mean your users can use OneDrive immediately without waiting for the site to be created, it is also particularly useful for applications where require OneDrive to already exist before use such as the iPad app. If migrating from another type of repository, it will also allow you to migrate content into OneDrives without waiting for users to access them.

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Written by Richard Willis

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Richard started SalamanderSoft in 2007 after a successful career as a software developer. Wanting to start his own company and with experience in integrating school systems he set out to build the best integration system for schools and to exceed customer expectations. He starting out on his own, doing all the coding, support and sales until finally the growing number of customers meant he needed to start growing the team. He is still heavily involved in coding the core Integration Suite product.

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