New Free Utility for Sims.Net – List Of All Reports

3 January, 2017

New Free Utility for Sims.Net - List Of All Reports

I have just created another free utility for Sims – a utility to export details of all reports in Sims into a csv file. That’s reports as in the reporting engine, not student reports. This will allow you to easily see what reports are in Sims, who created them and hence whether you want to remove any. Inspired by this thread on EduGeek.

To use:

  1. The utility must be run on a machine where workstation or server is installed.
  2. First run GenerateConfigFile.bat. You must also run this everytime Sims.Net is updated. If Sims.Net is not installed in c:program filesSimsSims .Net, you will need to modify the bat file.
  3. Copy a connect.ini into the folder.
  4. Run SimsReportList from the command line with 3 arguments, Sims username, Sims password and output folder.
  5. SimsReportList will then save the report details into the file.

You can run SimsReportList.exe /? for a brief help summary.

Download Here.

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