My Sites in Schools

21 January, 2009

My Sites in Schools

I’ve had several conversations with several schools about MOSS My Sites. A lot of people are finding that they are too powerful and the pupils have too much control over what they can do in them. Personally I think that they are a great tool for collaboration and would let them loose with them, possibly after some modification to the default and trialling it with a subset of the school, but I don’t actually work in a school and deal directly with the problems that might cause.

However, for those who don’t want to do this, an alternative would be to create sites for the pupils within your normal SharePoint structure, just like your class sites under the Classes tab in MLG. You’ve then got all your normal permission levels and restrictions you can use, and generally tie it up a lot tighter. You can even define custom permission levels. I’m working with a few schools on implementing this for pupils and staff using Salamander SharePoint. 

Taking it to another level, a request I’ve just received from one school is:

I am quite interested in developing a SharePoint site, similar to the class sites for every teacher. Giving them a kind of My Site where they could post resources, links and a profile etc.  I would need the script to create a site for each member of staff based on a template and then assign permissions for the teacher and then for all the students that the teacher teaches.  

This is actually quite powerful and really easy with Salamander SharePoint. It sets up collaboration sites and also the community which can use them, and automatically keeps this community up to date. It’s requests like these which can add another level to how SharePoint is used in your school.

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