My Documents Now Localised in German

05 September, 2009 · less than a minute to read

My Documents Now Localised in German

I actually released a German version of My Documents a while back after a customer request. I just spent some time with them debugging an issue where files and folders weren't getting saved. I tracked the issue down to a date time localisation issue. To check if the file/folder is present I'm using File.GetCreationTime because when impersonating a user File.Exists always returned true. GetCreationTime returns a "zero" date time if the file doesn't exist, however it returns it in local time so when I was comparing against a manually created DateTime object it was always greater than it. Once I realised what was wrong it was easy to check properly.

Now that I've localised the web part once, all I need for other locales is a translation of the messages within the application, which makes it easy to get ready for other locales.

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Written by Richard Willis

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Richard started SalamanderSoft in 2007 after a successful career as a software developer. Wanting to start his own company and with experience in integrating school systems he set out to build the best integration system for schools and to exceed customer expectations. He starting out on his own, doing all the coding, support and sales until finally the growing number of customers meant he needed to start growing the team. He is still heavily involved in coding the core Integration Suite product.

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