My Documents Now Localised in German

5 September, 2009

My Documents Now Localised in German

I actually released a German version of My Documents a while back after a customer request. I just spent some time with them debugging an issue where files and folders weren’t getting saved. I tracked the issue down to a date time localisation issue. To check if the file/folder is present I’m using File.GetCreationTime because when impersonating a user File.Exists always returned true. GetCreationTime returns a “zero” date time if the file doesn’t exist, however it returns it in local time so when I was comparing against a manually created DateTime object it was always greater than it. Once I realised what was wrong it was easy to check properly.

Now that I’ve localised the web part once, all I need for other locales is a translation of the messages within the application, which makes it easy to get ready for other locales.

Richard Willis

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