Mathematics Managed Metadata for SharePoint 2010

04 March, 2011 · 1 minute to read

Mathematics Managed Metadata for SharePoint 2010

I was recently creating some departmental sites for a school in SharePoint 2010 and wanted some metadata to attach to documents. I couldn't find any ready made ones, so had to create my own.

I found a Mathematics taxonomy in the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications which is based on the Math NSDL Taxonomy Committee Report, April 2, 2002, with draft changes proposed for Section 9 by CAUSE, May 16, 2004. Further changes to Section 9 were approved by the Math Gateway Partners Group, April 29, 2005.


It looks fairly comprehensive to me, but obviously wasn't in a suitable format for importing into SharePoint 2010, and was certainly too large to type in. So using vim and some macros I fairly quickly converted it into the correct csv input format for SharePoint 2010. It's quite a detailed taxonomy and at a school level you will probably want to delete some of the terms, but it's a good start.

Then I added a Managed Metadata column to the document libraries for the department, linked to the Mathematics term set. I made this required and allowing multiple selections, but defaulted it to the top level. This means that they can add more explicit tagging to help with searching and findability, but it doesn't prevent the users adding documents if they don't have the skills or inclination to tag properly.

You can download my finished csv file from here. I also created one for the level of content, covering Key Stages, years and qualifications and added another optional column for this. Finally I created another one for ICT, but this one is really basic as I couldn't find a decent taxonomy for it and wasn't really sure what's covered at a school level.

Update: With thank to @stevegillott I now have a vastly better ICT set of metadata which I've updated here as well. It's based on the UK National Curriculum.

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