List View Web Part

10 December, 2008

List View Web Part

I’ve just finished a beta release of a list view web part for SharePoint. It allows you to display a list from another site even if it is in another site collection. It designed to be as simple as possible to set up.

To use it there’s 3 properties which you need to set:

  1. Site Url: The url of the site the list in on.
  2. List Name: The name of the list.
  3. View Name: The name of the view to use to display the list.

The connection to the list is made as the user viewing the web part, so will use their permissions. So if they don’t have permission on the list, they won’t see it. 

If you want to display a list from another site collection, then it needs to be on the same server.

It’s only a Beta release so not all Errors have graceful error messages. You can download it from The beta will expire on 19 Jan 2009.

Have a go and let me know what you think either in the comments or email to 

I’m sure there’s other features I could add, but that depends on how popular it is and whether there’s any demand for them.


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