Learning Gateway User Group Set Up

29 May, 2009

Learning Gateway User Group Set Up


Alex Pearce has worked hard to get a Learning Gateway User Group up and running and it’s now live at http://www.learninggateway.net/. It’s all about the use of SharePoint in education, not just the CodePlex Microsoft Learning Gateway. So if you’re in education and using SharePoint, get yourself over there and register, and we can build a vibrant community and help everyone improve their gateway.

How do I see this in relation to the SLK & LG discussion forums?

I think that they compliment each other. I would see the CodePlex forums for more technical issues, mainly around problems with the typical user being the SharePoint administrator. Then the Learning Gateway User Group would be more about best practises, getting other application integrated and how to use it, with the typical user being more along the line of a VLE manager or user.


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