Issue affecting some sites - Email Notifications via the Integration Suite

08 July, 2021 · less than a minute to read

Installations which use email notifications using Exchange Online via Microsoft Graph need to be updated due to change in the Graph API's behaviour


On Friday 2nd July, we became aware of an issue with Email Notifications being sent from our Application via the Microsoft Graph. 

These email notifications are commonly used when a new user is created or when a user is processed as a leaver and include an attachment containing details of the processed users.

We are contacting those customers we believe to be affected by this issue directly.

This issue was the result of a unexpected change in the Graph API’s behaviour. A fix has been developed, but an update to our application is required to implement this.


We would encourage these changes as soon as possible to ensure that when new users are created, the notifications are sent successfully.

If you experience any issues or would like us to process the update for you, please contact our Support Team via


Implementing the fix

Sites using our Status Viewer can self-update the application.
This can be found either as a Desktop Shortcut, or in in the Salamander Program Files folder (usually C:\Program Files\Salamander) as salamanderstatus.exe.

If you launch the application, you will see an “Update” option on the General Tab.
This will download and implement the update for the application. The Status Viewer will prompt to be reloaded.


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Written by Stuart Wilkie

Support Coordinator

Stuart has been with SalamanderSoft since September 2014 having previously worked as an IT Manager in a number of Schools in the South West for almost 10 years. As Support Coordinator, Stuart brings this experience to leading the team delivering our Service and Support - aiming to continue to meet the needs and challenges our customers face; focusing on customer satisfaction. Outside of work, Stuart enjoys family time with his wife and daughter often either at the theatre or being keen National Trust members - exploring the South West countryside and stately homes.

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