Innovative Schools Case Studies

7 June, 2009

Innovative Schools Case Studies

Microsoft have published a series of “deep case studies” about four schools who have been using ICT in innovative ways. Although created by Microsoft the studies are technology agnostic – in fact they had to cut lots of content where interviewees enthused about specific Microsoft products. Each schools story is broken down into nine chapters which can all be read and digested independently: 

  • School Overview
  • Change Management
  • Student Experience
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Parent Experience
  • School Administration
  • Local Government View
  • Use of ICT
  • Where Next?

So you can read about just the issues which are most pressing for you, read an entire school’s story or jump around as you fancy. None of them are presented as the ‘right’ way to handle the changes or ICT, just how each school handled the issues, their approaches and the outcomes, good and bad. The stories are good to watch if you are thinking about or making changes in the way you and your school are working with and using ICT. Read the case studies at the Innovative Schools website or read a longer overview at Ray Fleming’s blog.

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