I am now Co-ordinator of the SLK & LG projects on CodePlex

28 January, 2009

I am now Co-ordinator of the SLK & LG projects on CodePlex

Jay Beavers recently asked for volunteers to be the co-ordinator for the SLK project on CodePlex as he no longer had the time to commit to it. I have volunteered and am now the co-ordinator for the SLK and Learning Gateway projects on CodePlex. Many thanks for all the hard work that Jay has put in, but I’m sure he’d be the first to admit that it slowed down a lot recently.

Hopefully, now that I am co-ordinator we can get the projects moving again. My priorities are:

  • Get a new release out, with upgrade support for the previous version
  • Support Firefox and other browsers in SLK. I might roll this into the next release depending on how much work it is. I’ve done most of it, but I’m just working on Safari support at the moment
  • Answer questions in the forums
  • A new release of the LG web parts supporting the latest version of SLK
  • A drop box

After that it will depend on what is being requested in the forums and issue tracker. I might look at Course Builder, or get the rest of LG up to date.

Now, although I am co-ordinator I do have a day job as Managing Directory of SalamanderSoft. My role as co-ordinator complements this, which is why I was prepared to take it on, however realistically I am going to have a couple of hours a week I can spend on the projects. My paying customers will always take priority! I’m not going to be able to do all the work that I’d like to see done on the projects, so either the community needs to submit patches, which I will look at, or it’s going to take some time. The alternative is if I can get funding to spend more time on it – any volunteers 😉

Finally, although it is easy to find my contact details, please direct all queries and support requests to the forums. I won’t be the only one who answers questions, and any answer needs to be a shared resource.


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