FTP in Vista using Network Location in Windows

25 September, 2009

FTP in Vista using Network Location in Windows

I often ftp files up to our web server so I can access them while on client machines. Up until now I’ve been using FireFtp a Firefox extension, which works great as an FTP client. However, I’d been getting annoyed by it for 2 reasons:

  1. Not being able to use keyboard shortcuts as it was hosted in a browser
  2. Not being able to use the Favourite links set up in explorer. About 90% of what I upload would be available in one-click from there.

So I started looking for an alternative client. What if found was even better. You can add a network location in Windows Explorer which is an ftp location and can then drag and drop files completely within Explorer.

To set it up all you need to do is select Computer in the folder view, then right click in the details pane and select “Add Network Location” and follow the wizard.

I imagine it’s present in other versions of Windows, but I’ve only tested it in Vista.

Richard Willis

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