Free Utility to Check Email Addresses

03 January, 2017 · less than a minute to read

Free Utility to Check Email Addresses

Inspired by a discussion on Edugeek I've quickly knocked up a quick utility to check the format of email addresses in a csv file. You can download it from here.

This utility will iterate through an input file and check the validity of email addresses. Each line of the input file must be of the format identifier,email address. The identifier is used in the output message, and the email is of course checked.

Example input file

002345, 002346, 002347,do not email    

The utility will pick up the 3rd line as an invalid email address and output

POSSIBLY INVALID:002347:do not email

Internally it uses a regular expression to check the email. This is not perfect and will give false positives when compared to RFC 2822, but it is good enough for most purposes.

The regular expression used is: ^[A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}$

To use:

  1. Run CheckEmails.exe inputFile
  2. inputFile is the relative of absolute path to the csv file

So to use to check your email addresses in Sims, first create a report which contains their Admission Number and email which saves to csv. The run the report and the use the resulting file as input to CheckEmails.

You can run CheckEmails.exe /? for a brief help summary.

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