Firefox support in SLK

12 November, 2008

Firefox support in SLK

I’ve recently added support for Firefox and other browsers to SharePoint Learning Kit. It turned out to be quite a bit more work than I was hoping, but I’ve now now got a version with works. I even had to update the sample SCORM content Solitaire and that in itself was IE specific.

The code for the SCORM player is quite complex with frames in frames in frames, so it wasn’t just a case of changing document.all to document.getElementById everywhere, I had to understand how all the frames fitted together. I’m not sure why the orginal authors went down this root. I can see that the actual content needs to be in a frame as quite often it’s a complete HTML page of its own, but the rest of the navigation should have been able to be done in a single page.

The patches are available on CodePlex at and are numbers 2068, 2069 and 2070.

I’ve provided compiled versions of SLK (based on 1.3.1) and Solitaire at (no longer available).

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