Exciting Opportunity – Head of Operations

26 October, 2020

Exciting Opportunity – Head of Operations

To support our growing customer base we are looking for a Head of Operations to help us take the next step in our development and growth and help us maintain our level of support and service to our customers. The Head of Operations will be accountable for the entire operations team, ensuring that they are properly cared for and supported and for the satisfaction of our customers.


Job Title Head of Operations
Salary Circa £50,000 Per Annum
Hours Full Time
Responsible To Managing Director
Responsible For The members of the Operations team, including Support/Install/Projects Coordinators and Support Consultants


About us

SalamanderSoft currently consists of 23 employees, two-thirds of whom are operations/support staff. We are a growing company that has tripled in size over the past 2 years and our ethos is to provide excellent service to our customers and to be the best at what we do. This is reflected in the fact that all our sales are via word of mouth/recommendations – we do not have a sales team, and we are still growing strongly.

All our roles are remote working, so you will be working from home. As a UK based company, we are looking for a candidate who resides in the UK. It is expected that the Head of Operations will have a technical background and have experience working with technical teams and solutions.

We have a great reputation with our customers and are looking to grow the team that work with our customers to support this and continue to improve where we can.

The Operations Team

The operations team are responsible for the successful planning, implementation, maintenance and support of the company’s solutions for all our customers.

The team is currently managed in 3 workstreams each led by a Coordinator, with the remaining 11 members of the team working through the streams on a rotation based system.

Support The team working on support handle all the customer support for our customers, often managing over 100 tickets a day working directly with our customers to configure installations to their needs. The team use an online ticketing system and remote access solutions (both proprietary and 3rd party for remotely managing customers installations)
Installations The team working on installations provide all the installations for our individual school customers, support them from receipt of order through the installation process to the point of hand over to support following a successfully completed installation.
Projects The projects complete installations for Multi Academy Trust customers along with any special requests. They also support our largest contracts.


Who we are looking for

The Head of Operations will coordinate the day to day operational function of the company, ensuring that installations, support and projects are suitably managed, resourced appropriately, and delivered both in a timely manner and to the high standard our customers and team have come to expect.

The Head of Operations will act as the line manager for the operations team including the coordinators.

Attitude will be key, and we’ll be looking for someone who:

  • has a drive and passion for what they do
  • uses their initiative and gets things done
  • is self-motivated and able to motivate their team
  • is comfortable working with customers and aims to deliver over their expectations
  • has enthusiasm and interest in technology.
  • is able to support technical teams
  • wants to be the best that they can be and strives for excellence
  • can work independently and remotely
  • has a hunger to learn new skills

As this is a remote role you will need a suitable area for working in your home, a broadband connection and probably a kettle.

This is very much a people focussed role, and regular contact with the team via Phone/Video call and the like will be essential.

With technology being such as fast-moving field, we would expect you to have a thirst for knowledge and be keen to improve your skills, with a proven track record of doing so.


What you will be doing

You will be leading the existing support and installations team (currently made up of 14 people) who remotely install and support our range of products into schools and other educational institutions across the UK and further afield.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be accountable for the work undertaken by the operations team
  • Develop and implement policies and strategies to ensure the continued delivery of excellent service as the company grows
  • Ensure the operations team have the appropriate tools and hardware to complete their roles effectively
  • Ensure the performance of the operations team, including ensuring conduct and communications are in line with the companies ethos.
  • Ensure any processes or procedures are documented and freely available to all members of the operations team
  • Ensure that the operations team have the relevant training and knowledge to effectively develop and maintain all solutions provided by the company
  • Ensure that new team members have suitable mentoring and induction during and following initial induction
  • Ensure that the operations team have suitable opportunities and support for their continued CPD
  • Work with the Development team to manage requests for new features and functionality and new tools to support the teams’ function, to minimise the occurrence of common issues and improve the efficiency of the team
  • Work with the Managing Director to recruit new team members when needed
  • Build and maintain relationships with external partners where required
  • Work with the Head of Development to ensure effective communication between departments

As a fully remote-based company since it’s founding in 2007, our work is conducted predominately from our own homes, although some travel and hotel stay may be needed to allow us to meet as a team and best support our customers.


What we will do for you

  • We will offer a competitive salary, dependent on experience, together with pension contributions
  • You’ll be able to make your mark in a growing business and advance your career
  • We’ll provide 5 weeks paid holiday per year plus bank holidays
  • You’ll have the opportunity for flexibility in your working hours
  • We’ll support you in improving your current skills and work with you to develop new ones
  • You’ll join the Senior Leadership of the company and have a direct impact on the work we do


Next Steps

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply to careers@salamandersoft.co.uk with anything you want to support your application. Links to social media and community involvement would be great as well. Noting where you saw the ad would be helpful to us.

If you would like more information or an informal chat about the role, please contact Jon Atkinson directly either on LinkedIn, or directly via email at jon@salamanersoft.co.uk

Jon Atkinson

Written by Jon Atkinson

Managing Director

Jon joined SalamanderSoft in November 2013 and heads the teams that build, deliver and supports the company's products and strives to ensure the highest customer satisfaction in everything that the company does. Having spent almost 15 years supporting the needs of Schools and other academic establishments, Jon brings a broad range of technical experience and passion to the role.

Outside of work, Jon volunteers with the Scout Association.

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