East Anglia SharePoint Network

7 June, 2009

East Anglia SharePoint Network

Yesterday I attended a meeting of the East Anglia SharePoint Network, where I had been invited to give an overview of SalamanderSoft’s products. The network runs as a series of regular, informal, face-to-face meetings and an on-line community for schools in East Anglia to share information / good practice / problems etc with their Sharepoint implementations. This was only their second meeting, but the meeting was well attended with a good mix of schools who have been using SharePoint for years, together with those who were just starting to use it, or even just thinking about it. There was a lot of useful information, just seeing what other schools are doing with SharePoint raises all sorts of possibilities – I certainly learned a lot and have come away with some ideas. If you are interested in joining, attending a meeting or just finding out more then just email David Wilson (david.wilson (at) swaveseyvc.cambs.sch.uk).

Richard Willis

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