Course Manager for SharePoint Learning Kit is now Deprecated

9 November, 2015

Course Manager for SharePoint Learning Kit is now Deprecated

The Course Manager for SharePoint has always been a complete mess. It was produced before I was project coordinator and was funded by Microsoft and produced by a third party software house to add course functionality to the SharePoint Learning Kit. Unfortunately it never reached production quality, in fact it was a long way off.

To make it production quality would probably involve rewriting almost all the code and it’s likely it would be quicker to start from scratch. Of course if the UI and functionality were any good, then it would be worthwhile sorting the back end out. Unfortunately it’s one of the most unintuitive UIs that I have come across and the functionality is sorely lacking. Andrew Woodward did a good review of it when it came out on his blog. Even Microsoft was disappointed with the result. And if you read that previous link none of those changes or documentation appeared.

There’s also no commonality between the Course Manager code and the core SLK code. The developers have used their own framework which is completely different so no knowledge of SLK helps with maintaining the Course Manager code. Hence it would take a significant investment of time to get to grips with the code, let alone fix the myriad of bugs. I feel that it is in the best interest of the project to dedicate time to enhancing the core SharePoint Learning Kit rather than this add-on. I believe that while it remains within the project it is a hindrance as it clutters up the source tree and wastes people’s time trying to get it working.

To this end I have now deprecated Course Manager. The source code has been removed from the source control tree, but is still available from I’m more than happy if someone want to take it and run with it and produce a good product. It would probably be better off as another project in CodePlex in that case, until it’s of good enough quality to merge into SLK rather than being an add-on.

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