Add Hyperlink to Data Viewer Web Part

9 November, 2015

Add Hyperlink to Data Viewer Web Part

I had interest in the Data Viewer Web Part from a school who wanted to list the videos stored in their media server within their SharePoint portal. Their media server didn’t have any native way of doing this, but they were familiar with the database structure so were interested in seeing if the web part could help them.

They really wanted to be able to display a link so that the users could click on it and then see the appropriate video. I thought that this sounded like a good idea and added a column formatting option so that a column could be turned into a hyperlink, optionally displaying another column as the hyperlink text. This worked perfectly for them and they are now using it to surface their videos in SharePoint.

The column formatting option only currently supports converting into hyperlinks and hiding a column (if being used for the text in the hyperlink), but I could easily extend it to support other types of formatting. However, most formatting could be done in the SQL statement already by using the built in SQL formatting.


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