Active Directory

A key part of many schools' infrastructure is Active Directory. Our Integration Suite supports both Local and Azure Active Directories.

Active Directory

As the backbone of many School environments, Active Directory is a key system for integration, and has been supported by our integration suite since it’s inception 12 years ago.

We now support over a million users in Active Directory, in over 2500 sites all over the world.

Our integration can support many Active Directory topologies and Active Directories of any size.

The flexibility of our solution also means that we can tailor our solutions to fit your needs rather than you needing to adjust to fit ours.

Key features

  • Create and manage Active Directory users using data from Sims for
    • Pupils (Current, Future and Applicants)
    • Staff (Current and Future)
    • Parents
  • Create and manage Active Directory groups from a CSV or other data file
    • This is often used for guest accounts or Exam/Controlled Assessment accounts for pupils
  • Creation and management of Home Folders
    • Including permissions
    • Including shares if applicable
  • Management of leavers in Active Directory including
    • Disabling and moving to another OU
    • Archiving Home Folder
    • Removing from Active Directory Groups
  • Create and manage Active Directory Groups (Security and Distribution) from data in the MIS. Examples include:
    • Class Groups
    • Subject Groups (Pupils who take a particular subject)
    • Subject Teachers
    • Registration/Form Groups
    • House Groups
    • Year Groups
    • Intake Year Groups
    • All Staff / All Teachers / All Support Staff
    • Other staff groups based on the timetable information or user defined fields
    • Groups based on User Defined Groups in Sims
    • Teachers of individual students
  • Update all Active Directory attributes which can be set to data from the management system, fixed values or a combination of both.
  • Creation of a ‘welcome pack’ with the users new details

NOTE: Some features availability may vary depending on the MIS / SIS system. Please contact us for full details

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