Salamander Integration Suite

Salamander Integration Suite sits at the core of your school network as it links directly with your management information system. Salamander is fully automated so that your network and relevant accounts, groups and permissions reflect your management system. As long as your management system is up-to-date, so is your network. Everyone has the access they need to the resources they use, whether that’s in Office 365, Exchange or Google Apps.

How can Salamander Integration Suite support your school?

Enhance what you do, don’t change itclass_groups

Salamander is fully customisable and fits your existing structures and follows your conventions. We work closely with you to ensure everything is reflected and if you are not ready for whole school implementation, you can test it with specific groups.

Offer more

Some of the things Salamander Integration Suite does for you, aren’t possible manually. These include: creating email distribution groups based on groups in your management system; synchronising timetables; and pulling through photographs.

Save time

Salamander takes the manual processes out of managing your systems, leaving you to focus on more important things. Everyone saves time with Salamander as everything is always up-to-date and people can log in as soon as they need to start learning or teaching.

Increase efficiency

Staff know all of the pupils, and each other, as photographs from the management system display across the network. Everyone knows where they need to be as their timetables display on their Exchange or Google calendar.

Help with the move to the cloud

If you are using or planning to use Office 365 for Education or Google Apps for Education then Salamander Integration Suite can also provision user, groups, classrooms and more in those cloud services.


What can Salamander do for you?

Pupil, staff and parent account managementstudent_accounts

  • Manage and automatically update staff and pupil accounts.
  • Create controlled assessment accounts, as required, based on your groups.
  • Create, disable and enable accounts, including accounts not in the management system.
  • Display staff and pupil photographs on their accounts in Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps.
  • Configure folder permissions across your network.
  • Generate passwords based on your conventions.
  • Set account options, such as password never expires, can’t be changed or must be changed at next login.
  • Create and share home folders with appropriate permissions.
  • Create groups and add to existing groups within your hierarchy.
  • Set group properties in Google Apps and synchronise with Google Classroom.
  • Bulk provision OneDrive for instant use which is particularly useful with mobile devices.
  • Disable and archive school leavers and associated records so they cannot log in, just in case you’re not told about a leaver.
  • Create parent accounts, for online reporting, and link these to their child’s account.

Pupil and staff email

  • Create Microsoft Exchange or Google mailboxes and email addresses based on your conventions.
  • Manage licensing in Office 365.
  • Maintain Exchange or Google Mail options such as mailbox limits and sending restrictions.
  • Write email addresses back to your management system. (Not available for all MIS Systems. Additional charges may apply)

Pupil, staff and cover timetables

  • Pull any timetable from your management system into Exchange, Office 365 or Google Apps for Education.
  • Ensure staff and pupils always know where they need to be, including detentions, cover lessons and exams, as their timetables show on their mobile device wherever they are.
  • Categorise events so that everyone can more easily manage their schedule.

Network administration

  • Extract data from all management systems, standard databases and CSV/XML files.
  • Schedule the integration as often or as little as you like and when it suits you.
  • Enable you to manually run Salamander Integration Suite whenever you need to.
  • Log and save every action and email the logs to you.
  • Copy/move directories if you are reworking your network.
  • Update all Active Directory attributes which can be set to data from the management system, fixed values or a combination of both.

MIS Support

Salamander Integration Suite works with Capita SIMS, RM Integris, Progresso, Facility CMIS, iSAMS, WCBS Pass & 3 Sys, Bromcom, Arbor and all other management information systems.

If there is something you would like Salamander to do with Active Directory that isn’t listed, contact us as it’s probably already available, otherwise we can add support for it.

For more information please email