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This section covers our processing of Google Classrooms. Please also see our notes regarding Cloud Syncronisation, as the user need to have synced to Google Workspace before they can be processed with Classrooms.

We are going to use our next academic year timetable at the end of term. What do we need to be aware of?

If you plan to run your next academic year timetable in the Summer term, please contact our Support Team before this change is made. We can then update our configuration to change the prefix used. If this isn’t done, the Google Classroom processing will have a 2021 prefix, and if the same class names are used – the membership will be swapped over. This will mean students won’t have access to work they completed this year. 

If you need to keep 2021 Classrooms active with members and have 2022 Classrooms at the same time, this can be supported but a configuration change is needed. The changes to the process will need making before you rollover your timetable in your MIS – please contact our Support Team for further guidance.

What happens with this year’s Google Classrooms?

In our standard configuration, these will stop being updated by us once the summer term ends (or the classes stop being current – whichever is first). They will not be removed, or updated any further, and will continue to have the set of staff and pupils as it was on the last day of last academic year’s timetable. They are not deleted, and all content is preserved. This means they will still be available for the staff and students to refer to until they are manually archived by you.

We can add a process to allow you to run on-demand, an archive of Google Classrooms from the previous academic year. Please contact our support team.

In most instances, we do not automate the archiving of Google Classrooms through the Salamander Integration Suite. This is a manual process that schools are best placed to complete. We can add a process to allow you to run on-demand, an archive of Google Classrooms from the previous academic year. Please contact our Support Team if this is required.

When will my next academic year Google Classrooms be created?

Your Google Classrooms will be created when the new Academic Years’ timetable becomes active (published and applied).  The very first sync after the data is present can take a long time to complete – this is expected normal behaviour – please bear with it! If you would like these to be created earlier than the first day of next year’s timetable to support planning for teaching and learning, please contact our Support Team by August 15th, 2022, and advise the date from which you’d like the classrooms to be available.

We have, in previous years, seen a delay in the creation because the “Classroom Admin accounts (usually called GC-Admin%AcadmicYear% followed by the year group e.g. GCAdmin2022-Y7, etc) we use to create the Classrooms hadn’t yet synced to Google from your Active Directory. We can pre-create these in advance if you wish; please contact the Support Team..

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