MIS/SIS Writeback for Integration Suite

With this add-on, integration suite customers can feed vital information about their users back into their MIS / SIS system support greater integration with other services

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MIS/SIS Writeback for Integration Suite

Product Information


Save time feeding user data back into your MIS/SIS

Feed Email addresses of new users automatically into your MIS

Feed Usernames of new users automatically into your MIS

Create system users directly in the MIS (SIMS site only)

Product detail

NOTE: Some features are available for limited MIS / SIS Systems. Please contact us for full details.

Ongoing support

Support is provided by our dedicated support team and is included as part of the annual license fee. This support includes all configuration changes to the solution as well as on-going maintenance to ensure you get the most out of the feature.

Pricing information

Writeback is available to all Integration Suite customers for an annual fee:

For Schools with less than 500 pupils on roll this is £42 + VAT per annum
For Schools with 500 pupils or more on roll this is £106 + VAT per annum

Please contact us for pricing for Colleges or other institutions.

Supported Integrations

We have support for all the major MIS systems in the UK and are working to extend this support to MIS/SIS systems in other markets. If yours is not on the list contact us to see if we already support it, otherwise we can easily add support for it.

Want to know more?

Discuss your needs in more detail with Gavan Vettese-Wilson our Head of Operations and MIS/SIS Writeback for Integration Suite specialist.

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