Integration Suite for Schools

Salamander Integration Suite automatically synchronises user accounts, groups, permissions and more from your School Management Information System.

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Integration Suite for Schools

Product Information


Automated user creation

Automatic Microsoft 365 licensing based on who is in the management system.

Timetable synchronisation into Exchange, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Microsoft School Data Sync support

Automated Google Classroom provisioning

Photo synchronisation to Office 365 and G Workspace

A fully managed service

Product detail

Every school or other academic institution has the problem of creating and disabling users and groups as pupils & staff join and leave during the year. This is especially the case at the start of the academic year. It is vital that these accounts are created accurately, consistently, and in a timely manner. Without their accounts being set up correctly the school’s users won’t have access to email, documents, classroom tools, and other systems within the modern school.

Salamander Integration Suite solves this problem as it links directly with your management information system. It is fully automated so that your network and relevant users, groups, and permissions reflect your management system. As long as your management system is up-to-date, so is your network. Everyone has the access they need to the resources they use, whether that’s in Microsoft 365ExchangeGoogle Workspace or any of the other systems SalamanderSoft integrate with.

What is even better, is that we set it all up for you and manage the installation. Leaving you free to concentrate on other important tasks. Every aspect is completely configurable allowing you to have a truly bespoke setup without having to spend days writing your own scripts or being limited by what other systems allow you to do.


How can Salamander Integration Suite support your school?

Enhance what you do, don’t change it

Salamander is completely customisable and fits your existing structures and follows your conventions. We work closely with you to ensure everything is reflected and if you are not ready for whole school implementation, you can test it with specific groups.

Offer more

Some of the things Salamander Integration Suite does for you aren’t possible manually. These include: creating email distribution groups based on groups in your management system; synchronising timetables; and pulling through photographs.

Save time

Salamander takes the manual processes out of managing your systems, leaving you to focus on more important things. Everyone saves time with Salamander as everything is always up-to-date and people can log in as soon as they need to start learning or teaching.

Increase efficiency

Staff know all of the pupils, and each other, as photographs from the management system display across the network. Everyone knows where they need to be as their timetables display on their Exchange or Google calendar.

Help with the move to the cloud

If you are using or planning to use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace for Education then Salamander Integration Suite can also create users, groups, classrooms, timetables, and more in these cloud services.

What can Salamander do for you?

User account management

  • Create and automatically update staff, pupil and parent accounts.
  • Usernames based on your conventions – no need to change to fit a limited range of options
  • Create controlled assessment accounts, as required, based on your groups.
  • Display staff and pupil photographs.
  • Configure permissions across your network.
  • Generate passwords based on your conventions.
  • Set account options, such as password expiry options.
  • Disable and archive school leavers.

Group Management

  • Create and maintain groups based on information in the MIS.
  • Common examples are Year groups, Class groups, Registration Groups and House Groups.
  • If you can describe the criteria, we can create groups based on it.
  • Update group settings including mail settings

Pupil and staff email

  • Create Microsoft mailboxes and email addresses based on your conventions.
  • Manage licensing in Microsoft 365.
  • Maintain mail options such as mailbox limits and sending restrictions.
  • Write email addresses back to your management system. (Optional extra)

Pupil, staff and cover timetables

  • Pull any timetable from your management system into your calendar system.
  • Ensure staff and pupils always know where they need to be, including detentions, cover lessons and exams, as their timetables show on their mobile device wherever they are.
  • Categorise events so that everyone can more easily manage their schedule.

Classroom Tools

  • Create and manage Google Classroom
  • Create and manage Microsoft Teams
  • Create and manage Apple School Manager users and classes

Network administration

  • Extract data from all management systems, standard databases and CSV/XML files.
  • Schedule the integration as often or as little as you like and when it suits you.
  • Enable you to manually run Salamander Integration Suite whenever you need to.
  • Log and save every action and email the logs to you.

Ongoing support

Support is provided by our dedicated support team and is included as part of the annual license fee. This support includes all configuration changes to the solution as well as on-going maintenance to ensure you get the most out of the solution.

Pricing information

Schools with 500 pupils or more on roll
£1092 + VAT Per Annum plus a £450 + VAT Remote Installation fee

Schools with less than 500 pupils on roll
£546 + VAT Per Annum plus a £250 + VAT Remote Installation fee

Writing data such as email addresses back to your MIS is available (for supported systems) at an additional cost of £109 + VAT per annum for most schools and £43 + VAT Per annum for schools with less than 500 pupils on roll.

Please contact us for pricing for multiple school installations or for FE/HE establishments

Questions & Answers

What is the Impact of installing Salamander and the scheduled time to install the software?
There won't be any downtime on any of the services we integrate with.
Isn't it just a collection of scripts?
No, it's an application that we have developed over 15 years. It is driven off text configuration files, but these are configuration descriptions not scripts.
Couldn't I just script user account creation myself?
Yes, we only use published supported integration points so there's nothing secret that we use. However, the product has developed over 14 years and we have a team of almost 30 people delivering and supporting our integration services to schools. We consider ourselves to be the experts in this field and our years of experience means that there's few situations we haven't come across before, and even fewer new ones we can't solve. Plus if you write the scripts, then when you are unavailable or move on, who will maintain them?

Supported Integrations

We have support for all the major MIS systems in the UK and are working to extend this support to MIS/SIS systems in other markets. If yours is not on the list contact us to see if we already support it, otherwise we can easily add support for it.

Want to know more?

Discuss your needs in more detail with Gavan Vettese-Wilson our Head of Operations and Integration Suite for Schools specialist.

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