SIMS Student Document Exporter

The Salamander Document Export Utility is a command line utility which we for schools to allow the exporting of Students Linked Documents from ESS SIMS

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SIMS Student Document Exporter

Product Information


Export documents for all Students in ESS SIMS

Filter documents by age

Filter students by year group, or export specific students data only

Product detail

This command line utility is built to enable IT Admins to quickly export the documents attached to SIMS records for Students to files on the machine running the solution.

The utility can be configured to pull documents for all types of students, including those who have left and those who are recorded as guests.

You can also arrange to export documents for a list of students only, or filter by Year groups.

Full installation instructions can be found here

Ongoing support

The utility is designed to be self service, but some limited support is available from our dedicated support team.


Pricing information

The Document Export Utility is £500 + VAT Per School, as a one off license fee.
Existing school customers of our Integration Suite, may use the utility for free.

Please contact us to arrange access ordering and licensing for the utility.

Questions & Answers

Does this utility need to run on the Sims server?
No, it doesn’t need to run on the Sims server itself, but does need to be running on a machine running Sims Workstation. Sims Workstation must be configured to communicate with the Sims Server.    
Does this utility allow the migration of documents to other MIS systems?
The utility doesn’t migrate documents as it is an export only tool. Documents are saved to files on the machine the utility is ran on.
Can documents for previous students be exported?
Yes, the utility can be configured to pull the documents for previous students as well as current students.
Are Staff documents exported?
No, only documents for Students are exported.

Supported Integrations

School MIS Systems

We have support for all the major MIS systems in the UK and are working to extend this support to MIS/SIS systems in other markets. If yours is not on the list contact us to see if we already support it, otherwise we can easily add support for it.

Want to know more?

Discuss your needs in more detail with Gavan Vettese-Wilson our Head of Operations and SIMS Student Document Exporter specialist.

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