Paxton Net 2

Designed to make the management of any building very simple, Net2 is Paxton's networked access control system. Our integration helps make managing Net2 much simpler.

Paxton Net 2

With our support for Paxton Net2 you can automate the creation and de-activating of your users’ accounts, and therefore their access, directly from the data within your MIS. Saving time for both the users and those tasked with managing their data as well as ensuring that your access control data is up to date.

Available to all Integration Suite customers at no additional cost, this integration allows for greater piece of mind when managing user accounts across your environments.

Paxton and Net2 are trademarks of Paxton Access Ltd, a company registered in England.

Key features

  • Create pupils and staff directly in Paxton
  • Manage Access Levels for users
  • Manage departments for users
  • Add photos to Paxton users
  • Create tokens for users
  • Add vehicle registrations for users
  • Archive users when they leave
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