Leading web-based MIS for the entire school community


As the first web-based MIS, iSAMS supports teachers, transforms parental engagement and empowers student learning by providing these key members of the school community with instant access to crucial information through one intuitive interface. With 950+ schools and counting.

iSAMs has been supported by our Integration Suite since 2009 and we are an official iSAMs partner, In addition to the data extracts we use, we have implemented an optional write back of key information into iSAMs.

Our free utilities also support iSAMs.

Key features

Our integration suite has support for the following iSAMs data sets:

  • Pupils, including those who have left and those who will start in the future
  • Staff, including those who will start in the future
  • Class Groups, including the details of the Subject, Teachers and Students
  • Registration / Tutor / Form groups including the details of the Teachers and Students
  • Details of the schools Pastoral Structure
  • Timetable information for Staff, Pupils, Rooms, Cover & the School Diary
  • Photos for both Staff and Pupils
  • Parental Information
  • Write back for key information such as email addresses and telephone numbers
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