Salamander for School Data Sync

Salamander School Data Sync (SDS) is a free utility designed to mirror data from a schools MIS/SIS system into Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. It allows the provisioning of teacher & student accounts as well as online classrooms and enables Microsoft Intune for Education.

Utility Information


Support for the most popular MIS / SIS systems

Easily configure the export of information to the correct format for School Data Sync

Easily connect with existing and new School Data Sync Profiles

Utility detail

Current Version1.9.5.0
Version Date6th April 2020
Release NotesVarious small fixes
Supported MIS/SIS Systems

This version supports the following MIS/SIS systems:

Facility CMIS
Engage by DoubleFirst
RM Integris

Current Release Notes

v1.9.5.0 adds the following:

Fix to an issue preventing some sites using the Registration Groups extracts
Fix to an issue with Integris G2 Support
Support for the new Arbor APIs

Automated Teams Creation

It is important to note that from 26th March 2020, SDS will no longer automatically create Microsoft Class Teams automatically and so the use of this utility, will no longer result in automatically created teams.

More information regarding this can be found here:

Installation InstructionsFull installation instructions can be found here
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